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Mon, 20:32, 18 Feb 2008
Eravna (Buryatiya) is planning to start deep wood-processing

Mon, 20:15, 18 Feb 2008
Grodno Azot is planning to produce 100 thousand tons of hybrid biodiesel in 2008

Mon, 19:49, 18 Feb 2008
UPM and L&T develop ethanol production from commercial and industrial waste into biofuel

Mon, 19:45, 18 Feb 2008
RusAgroProject is sponsoring biodiesel production

Wed, 15:31, 23 Jan 2008
Voronezh region is to host a new biodiesel producing plant

Wed, 15:12, 23 Jan 2008
Germans are to invest 35 Mio Euros in a biodiesel production plant in Volgograd region

Mon, 15:33, 21 Jan 2008
$2m grant awarded to Thar for biodiesel technology

Mon, 15:30, 21 Jan 2008
Roll up, roll up, get your energy here

Wed, 22:38, 16 Jan 2008
President of RBNA: This year will become the year of biofuel

Wed, 22:08, 16 Jan 2008
European Union intends to review its plans concerning switching cars to use of biofuel, as a result of rising world food prices and in face of the new ecological problems.

Germans are to invest 35 Mio Euros in a biodiesel production plant in Volgograd region

Wed, 15:12, 23 Jan 2008

Germans are to invest 35 Mio Euros in a biodiesel production plant in Volgograd region


Volgograd Holding RusAgroProject has made an agreement with Abako Menedgment & Corporation Gmbh for financing and development of the project of the biodiesel producing plant. Cost of the project is estimated at 35 Mio Euros. Experts evaluate the project as risky.

German company Abako Menedgment & Corporation Gmbh and Volgograd ZAO Tersa-Oil (a subsidiary of ZAO RusAgroProject) have signed an agreement concerning rapes processing and biodiesel production.

The plan foresees investment of 35 million Euros into construction of the plant till 2011, power of the production site is projected at 160 tons of raw material processing per year and production of 60 thousand tons of biodiesel and up to 100 thousand tons of oil meal.

Company hopes to profit from the biofuel market growth in Europe, citing the EU directive concerning increase in biofuel use in EU countries up to 5,75 percent by 2010.

According to the president of the Russian National Biofuel Association, Alexei Ablaev, Europe is expecting Russia to be exporting raw materials, and not the fuel. The expert forecasts difficulties with finding the customer due to the fact that in Russia there are no considerate customers, and European producers shall win the competition due to high production cost of the Russian plant.

The leading expert of the Institute of market conditions and agrarian market Constantin Kuchugin has noticed that today there is no acting biodiesel producing plant.

Source:"Kommersant-Volgograd" (

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